here’s the story from the Men’s Journal Shoot w/ artist Chip Thomas.  coolest guy.  hope to see him again some day.

for Men’s Journal - 11/2013

here’s 2 other shots of Chip that i really liked for the story.   don’t get me wrong, i love what they chose, but i still feel strong for these 2.  he just looks either so impossibly cool (up top), or like the most fun guy in hundreds of miles (down below).

that’s his work that he’s posing with in both photos.  don’t know about Chip Thomas and his work … . look that sucker up!!  he’s awesome!

shot for Men’s Journal - 8/2013

last one for now.  one of Chip’s subjects behind her booth outside of the Grand Canyon along the road to Tuba City.  Navajo don’t much care for having their photos taken, but she was a little bit willing with me as i was with Chip that day.  the fan was all her idea, and i thought she was lovely with it.

shot for Men’s Journal - 8/2013

not sure if they’ve been posted here before, but these 2 photos got some notice recently (yes, i know … the girl in death valley was posted before.  get another drink and shut up!)

the lovely girl in the coral dress, arms akimbo, was selected for AP30 this year.  it’s important to note that it was selected, not published.  either way, i’m happy with that.  it came from a whim to go thru Death Valley in August last summer.  the hottest time of the year, in the hottest place in the country.  hot girl walking into frame helps the 3fer.                                       the jury for AP30 is one aspect off the selection that makes it commendable.  we’re talking an AD from W+K, PE’s from ESPN Magazine, Modern Farmer, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Marhta Stewart Living & Time Magazine.  a solid line up to review your work and select it from amongst some 10,000 entries.  tell you what, i had a drink when the facts all settled.

the 2nd one was from a shoot for Men’s Journal back in August of 2013.  in fact the 2 pics came from the same trip.  this one was the job, the other one was a personal shot on the way home. i drove.                           well, this particular shot of artist Chip Thomas sitting atop one of his pieces in the middle of the Painted Desert, on the Navajo Nation in Arizona, was selected and will be published in this years CA Photography Annual (that’s the Communication Arts Photo Annual for those not in the know).  and , you got it right when you guessed that i had a drink to toast this one as well.

damn!  i’m right proud.

Cody Lundin, founder of the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona- for Men’s Journal

R.I.P. Harold
I hope the crickets never run out up there.

the matzah balls are mobile

got invited to a Seder & tasked w/ the soup. a lot of pressure for a goyum.

Tyler Freer in his cabin outside Fairbanks, AK
Displaying the tattoo he got connected to the record grizzly he took w/ a recurve bow. 
Shot for Outdoor Life

when you’re this close, might as well complete the 3fer.
inside Steve McQueen’s handmade trunk, the journals for Yucatan.
and yes, Vol IV is in frame for a reason.