tribute to a happy giant & a real legend from so many of our childhoods. Richard Kielbasa was Jaws & so much more.
Condolences to @rogermoore who is apparently devastated.
R.i.P. big man

wound up having lunch w/ this guy. he was entertaining enuf. I offered to pay. when I pulled out my wallet he stopped me & said “no kid, I got this. I really am a Bad Mutherfucker” - Raymond, WA

moon #rising from Windy Ridge on Mt. Saint Helens

the source - Goose Point Oysters, Niawiakum River, WA

well, @trentmcginn & @hotchowchow … I’m ready for an upcoming visit.

Creepn Death - from yesterday in Long Beach, WA

got pushed outa my motel in Long Beach, WA for ‘Rod Run’. literally the biggest event of the year there. lotta sheet metal. looked cool

what I had for lunch - Oysterville, WA

how I ate lunch - Oysterville, WA